CEO Message

44 years: Leading the Business in Realizing D.R.E.A.M.S. (Developing and Realizing Entrepreneurial Aspirations of Members and Staff)” it is our guiding principle in building a long term sustainable cooperative. Strengthening the involvement of members, employees and officers, institutionalizing the training program and performance management system to increase the productivity.

Cebu People’s Coop, Business Responsibility Center (BRC) model and organizational structure further improved communication and feedback mechanism and builds harmony among management, officers and staff that intensifies awareness and participation in planning, decision making and basically developed a unique organizational culture. Read More

-Macario G. Quevedo/ CEO

Chairman Message

Cebu Peoples' Coop has the invaluable role in making the Vision of a sustainable future a reality for everyone. As a member owned, member run, and member striving business, it strives to uphold a pathway towards economic, and social development of every members. It leads to better lives for themselves and their families with the aid of the different Programs and Services modeled by Cebu Peoples' Coop.

Through membership in Cebu Peoples' Coop, one develops, self-help, strategies, that can generate own income and assets, and learn how to overcome in one way or another, the inequalities and prejudice that our society may impose.

With this, I urge everyone to be part of Cebu Peoples' Coop, to create an enabling environment to thrive and grow, in order to live a life with dignity and opportunity.

-DIR. Maria Marlene D. Ladonga/ Chairperson
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