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Company Profile

A Group of socially conscious individuals, coming from all walk of life, regardless of their backgrounds, styles, gender, beliefs, and ideas, respecting and working together, committed to uplift the economic and social status of our member.

THE ONLY BANKING ALTERNATIVE To every Filipino household for sustainable growth and development

We Provide easy access to competitive financial services, appropriate technology and resources that best satisfy the needs of the members, employees, community and care for the environment

FAIRNESS (Act without bias)
ACCOUNTABILITY (Own your actions)
TRANSPARENCY (Being open & honest)
EXCELLENCE (Do your best)

Cebu People's Multi-Purpose Cooperative (CPMPC) or Peoples Coop as it is widely known was organized in December 21,1972 through the effort of VICTO. Its organization was an offshoot of the success in the cooperative organized by the Scarborough fathers in Hinundayan, Southern Leyte in Eastern Visayas. It first held office at 209 J. Borromeo Building , F. Ramos St., Cebu City. Register with the Bureau of Agricultural Cooperative Development (BACOD) December 5, 1975 Reg. No. FF-028

Legalitties CDA Registration Details

CDA Date Organized

December 21, 1972

CDA Date Registered

April 8, 1991

CDA Registration Number

9520 07013587


CIN 010 20707 773

Type of Organization

Community (Open Type)

Type and Category of Coop

Primary Multi-Purpose Coop

BIR Registration Number

OCN 2RC0 000816125

BIR Date Registered

October 26, 1993

BIR Date Issued

TIN 000 561 338 0000