Office of the Executive

Environmental and Experience

After 45 Years being a cooperative for all, Cebu People's Multi-Purpose Cooperative has proven its commitment in uplifting the economic and Socail Status of its members, focus to its vision, living to its misson and ruled by its value of Fairness, Accountability, Transparency and able to preserve the excellence that it gains.

Cebu People's Coop programs, products and services were efficeintly delivered not solely to generate income, but to provide solutions and behavioral change of the members and its family.

Despite investing its assets with the most vulnerable is expensive. However, lifting their lives is much valued and still the return on member's share is higher against the inflation rate.

Collaboration among members, officers, management and staff ensures protection, stability and increase membership and deposits, share capital contribution, investment and strengthen the quality of loan portfolio.

Cebu Peoples Multi-Purpose Cooperative has proven its adherence to the coop values and principles specifically social reposibility and maintains communication line open to all.

The creation of member-gets-member and marketing department helps promotes members involvement and motivates entrepreneurship, and ultimately membership increase and eased expansion of operation nationwide.

Cebu People's Coop believes that Continuous competency training for management staff, officers and members will provide them with knowledge on cooperative values and principles, entrepreneurship, financial literacy and other relevant courses will help prepare them as financially literate cooperative entrepreneurs.


- Macario G. Quevedo