Housing Project


Blessed Sacrament Residences Your best housing choice in Lapu-Lapu City Situated in Lapu-Lapu City’s prime spot, Blessed Sacrament Residences is your best choice to live the city life with 209 housing units that will surely answer your housing need at a very competitive price. Blessed Sacrament Residences is located in barangay Cagudoy, Lapu-Lapu City very accessible from Mactan Cebu International Airport, Mactan Doctors Hospital and Gaisano Mactan.

This housing project is among the major undertakings of the Cebu Peoples Multipurpose Cooperative (CPMPC) as CPMPC seeks to provide housing solution to its members and would be members. "Housing is a basic need that's why we came up this project to provide our deserving members with a very good option of owning a house with flexible financing scheme," said CPMPC chief executive officer Macario Quevedo.

“What makes this venture different from traditional housing project is that we will allow the member/buyer to stay in the unit while they are still paying the equity,” he added. Meanwhile,about 209 houses will soon rise in the area where 158 are town houses while the rest are socialized housing. The first phase of the development will include about 50 units and is slated to be completed by the end of this year. Quevedo described that the house design will be modern and minimalist with roomy windows. Two parks and playgrounds will also be put up inside the subdivision while a Comercial Building in the frontal area of the subdivision perfect for family events and get together. The town house will have two bedrooms and a bathroom (optional bathroom in the second floor). Its average floor area is 51 sq. meter.


Decent housing in urban areas is becoming difficult to access. This has become a problem especially to members of the Cooperative whose employment or source of living is in the city. Inspite of being a problem, Peoples Coop sees it as a business opportunity to serve its members.

Peoples Coop acquired properties in various strategic locations in areas where there is heavy concentration of members. It engaged a professional real estate developer to design the subdivision development plan and building plan. Currently, Blessed Sacrament Subdivision in Cagudoy, Lapu-Lapu City

Considering the extensiveness of the financing requirement, the Coop facilitates the access by the members to the housing financing program of government agencies like PAG-IBIG, Banks and for some other reasons other members opt to avail the the in-house financing program.

Subdivision Map