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May 23,2019


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1. 1.The member secures a P2S deposit slip from the teller by paying at least P20 per slip. (A member can have as many deposit slips s/he wants).
1. 2.Member fills-up the P2S deposit slip by writing his/her name and account number and choose a number combination of 6 out of 44 (representing the number of founding anniversary celebration) choices in either manner:
1. marking or writing the chosen number provided in the slip and hands it over to the teller for encoding, or
1. pressing the chosen number himself/herself on the touch screen computer of the branch
1. 5.Teller enters amount to the special savings deposit of the member and registers the chosen 6 number combinations into the online system.
1. 6.Teller prints the 6-digit combination and provides a copy to the member.
1. 7.Cut-off time of depositing is 3:00 pm to prepare for the raffle draw set a 5:00 pm


2. 1.The draw will be held every 5:00 pm of CPMPC working day at the head office and may be aired in all branches through internet technology.
2. 2.The draw uses a raffle machine that jumbles numbered "ping-pong" balls inside a transparent draw machine. A commission-appointed representative inserts his/her hand inside the top outlet of the transparent draw machine to pick/catch a ball from among the actively jumbling 44 balls(representing the number of founding anniversary celebration) until all 6 balls have been taken and displayed.
2. 3. On or before 6:00 pm, 6 numbers draw must be completed.